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Polaris Expeditionary Learning School Teacher Dr. Matt Strand and Students Profiled in Reef Preservation Expedition

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    Alexis Margolin

This week, Fund For Teachers Fellow and teacher at Colorado's Polaris Expeditionary Learning School Dr. Matt Strand, journeyed to the Florida Keys along with a group of 7th-10th graders for a hands-on lesson in coral reef conservation.

As a part of an intensive service project, students had a chance to to join the Coral Restoration Foundation in cleaning up the reef "nursery" and seeding new growth with coral "cuttings."

"Polaris, a publically-funded school within Poudre School District in Fort Collins, Colorado, is patterned on the national education reform model of Expeditionary Learning.

The fundamental idea behind expeditionary learning is that students learn by experiencing the world around them.

Students sign up for “intensive” weeks of study and service, which occur in September, February and May."

Read more about the conservation efforts of Dr. Strand and his students in this KeysNet article.