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Polaris Charter Academy and WHEELS Featured in The Atlantic

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    Alexis Margolin

In this The Atlantic article written by Paul Tough, two EL Education schools, Polaris Charter Academy in Chicago and NYC Outward Bound Schools’ WHEELS in New York City, are prominently featured. We’re so proud of the accomplishments of these schools and of the staff of EL Education and NYC Outward Bound Schools who have supported their success.

The article, an excerpt from Tough’s upcoming book Helping Children Succeed: What Works and Why, introduces his argument for supporting the non-cognitive (character) aspects of student lives, and elevates EL Education as the most promising solution in America to support low-income students.

In the piece, Tough goes on to explain what makes EL Education unique: we build student character and academic depth at the same time, through the same process: using the Crew spirit to succeed together in challenging and worthy learning—pushing and supporting each other to do more than we thought possible.

Read the entire piece in The Atlantic here.

The central premise of EL Schools is that character is built not through lectures or direct instruction from teachers but through the experience of persevering as students confront challenging academic work.Paul Tough