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Pocatello Community Charter School Students Honor Forgotten Veterans

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    Katie Park

On a Saturday morning in May, Pocatello Community Charter School students visited The Mountain View Cemetery to honor forgotten veterans who fought in the Spanish-American and Civil War.

After talking to veteran Jacqee Alvord, a member of the Pocatello Historic Preservation Committee, Kestrel Hulet,who is the founder of the Pocatello Community Charter School Venturing Crew, was inspired. Following their conversation, Hulet researched the veterans at the cemetery and when they fought. According to Local 8 News, she believed that this project, “is pretty amazing. These are events we’ve learned about in history classes but they feel kind of removed from us. Idaho wasn’t even a state back then!” 

That day, students marked the headstones of a total 98 veterans. 38 of them had fought in the Civil War, and three had fought on the confederate side. The Venturing Crew marked these graves with blocks of wood that said “vet” in bold, green lettering along with a flower and an American flag. It was the first time that most of these soldiers were recognized as veterans of the Spanish-American and Civil War.
Through this experience, the Pocatello Community Charter students were able to relate with a piece of history that is largely forgotten.
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