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Participation Penalizes Quiet Learners: Making the Case for Standards-Based Grading to Support All Students

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    Alexis Margolin

This week, Class Participation Penalizes Quiet Learners, a piece co-authored by Meg Riordan, Project Director for EL's Teacher Potential Project, and Emily J. Klein, Associate Professor at Montclair State University is featured on Susan Cain's brand new blog, Quiet Revolution.

In their piece, Riordan and Klein explore the negative impacts that participation-based assessment can have on more introverted students and ways in which it's inclusion in a final grade may offer a distorted view of student achievement. Read an excerpt from the post below:

When class participation becomes mixed into one grade with academic achievement, overall academic grades no longer communicate what we believe they should communicate: evidence of learning. Instead, participation becomes a motivator for a portion of expressive, extroverted students and a roadblock for less verbally communicative, but no less knowledgeable or interested, learners.

Read the full piece on Quiet Revolution.