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New York Times Cites EL Education in Article on Civic Learning

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According to the New York Times, civic education is making a comeback amidst the partisan divides of 2018 -- and organizations like EL Education are leading the way to a more engaged student population. 

Below, find a quote from EL Education's Ron Berger, and a reference to the incredible work of students at our partner school, Polaris Charter Academy, who have launched a campaign against gun violence in their neighborhood. 

You can read the whole article by Alina Tugend here

“...For years, a number of organizations have promoted teaching civics, such as the Center for Civic Education which provides curriculums and holds annual competitions for upper elementary and middle-school students, iCivics, a nonprofit civics education group stated by former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, and the Civics Education Initiative, which lobbies states to require students to pass a civics test before graduating.

But more needs to be done, especially in light of the divided state of the country, many say, and individuals and institutions are taking on the challenge. One example is Polaris Charter Academy in Chicago, whose students last year led a campaign to address gun violence in their community; as part of that they studied the Constitution and the Second Amendment and worked with legislators, police, activists and gang members.

“This is not just about a high school civics class. — It’s not to prepare students for tests, but to prepare them to be active, contributing citizens,” said Ron Berger, chief academic officer of EL Education, a nonprofit network of about 160 public district and charter schools nationwide. “We’ve forgotten about that as a nation.” Polaris is one of EL Education’s schools.”