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Memphis Teachers Prepare for EL Education Language Arts Curriculum

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    Sarah Norris

Teachers and district leaders in Shelby County, Tennessee are getting ready to start using our EL Education Language Arts Curriculum. A recent post on Chalkbeat details the reasons the district is adopting this curriculum, as well as the perspectives of teachers like Carolyn Coe. Coe had already been using elements of the curriculum, and says “before, I was doing a lot of lecturing. But with [this curriculum], the children are doing the bulk of the work. They’re learning by doing. They’re piggybacking off each other and learning from each other.”

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Carolyn Coe prepares her fifth-grade classroom at Wingate Elementary School 

We know that successful use of this curriculum depends on more than getting it into teachers’ hands; a building-wide culture of collaboration is also necessary. Shelby County is working towards that with new structures. “Schools are also being asked to replace at least one faculty meeting each month with a ‘collaborative planning’ period for educators to practice lessons and work through issues.” 

We are excited to work alongside educators in Shelby County, and eager to see what changes in student achievement and teacher practice result from this district-level adoption!