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Memphis School Using EL's ELA Curriculum Earns Highest Possible Growth Rating

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    Sarah Norris

"Productive struggle is what builds learning. It builds muscles," says Principal Deartis Barber III, the leader who brought EL Education’s Grades 6-8 ELA Curriculum (and much more) to Grandview Heights Middle School last year.

The school was one of just three in its district to earn a "Level 5" for growth across all subject areas last year. For a school that was in the 0.2 percentile just two years ago, this is a big deal. 


In addition to major school-culture overhauls, Barber pushed students and teachers to believe that students could succeed with the complex texts and rigorous thinking intrinsic to the ELA modules. It paid off in remarkable growth, and the district as a whole is adopting the curriculum. 

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