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Lloyetta Walls Receives EL Education's 2017 Brooks Thomas Exemplary Service Award

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    April Hattori

Congratulations to Lloyetta Walls for receiving EL Education’s 2017 Brooks Thomas Exemplary Service Award! She was honored at a reception hosted by EL Education’s Board of Directors on June 12th, 2018 in New York.

Lloyetta is the Associate Director for EL Education’s groundbreaking Language Arts Curriculum, based in the organization’s New York headquarters. Since coming to EL Education five years ago, she has held many responsibilities within our growing Professional Services and Curriculum teams. In every instance, her roles have been central to opening new areas of work and opportunity for EL Education. What has been consistent across all of this work has been Lloyetta’s strong habits of collaboration, perseverance, service orientation, and an unfailing commitment to excellence.


“Lloyetta is an innovator, planner, connector, and collaborator, with an unflinching Crew spirit. Characteristic of her work is high quality, integrity and passion all bundled within a demeanor of calm and competence,” said Scott Hartl, President and Chief Executive Officer of EL Education.

The Brooks Thomas Award honors EL Education employees who exemplify the qualities and character of our founding trustees and illustrate our commitment to serve as crew not passengers. They demonstrate excellence, collaboration and perseverance. Their contributions have exceeded expectations to enhance our mission.

As a member of the first EL Education Board of Trustees, Brooks Thomas made significant contributions to the organization's growth and success. The award is named in honor of his commitment to education and deep belief in EL Education’s vision for experiential education.

Lloyetta was nominated for the prestigious award by a group of her peers. “If perseverance means honoring excellence and collaboration, months (or years!) into a difficult project when everyone else just wants to get through the next deadline; handling unexpected challenges with grace and creativity; always producing budget that she 'set aside in case something happened,' and doing it all with unflappable professionalism, a humble spirit and good cheer, Lloyetta epitomizes it,” one colleague noted.