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“Live the Learning” at EL Education's 2016 National Conference

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    April Hattori

The EL Education 2016 National Conference - our signature annual learning event - will be held from October 27th to October 29th in Detroit, featuring more than 100 master classes and a variety of opportunities for educators to exchange expertise with hundreds of like-minded colleagues.

EL Education partners with seven schools in Detroit, which is the site of one of the most notable urban revitalization efforts in the nation. Several of the schools will hold pre-conference workshops on October 26th that will showcase their transformational implementation of the EL Education model.

For all information on EL Education’s 2016 National Conference, including registration and a course catalog, click here.

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Masterful master classes

In our 100+ master classes, you’ll experience a different kind of professional development. You’ll “live the learning” by experiencing EL Education practices as if you were in an EL Education classroom. Facilitating the master classes are current EL Education teachers and staff members. Here’s a small sample of master class titles:

  • Creating a Comprehensive Approach to Literacy
  • All Grown Up: Leadership Moves for Renewal and Revitalization
  • Constructing a Culture of Liberation and Joy
  • Powerful, Collaborative Mathematics Instruction with Math Circles
  • Bringing the School and Community Together Around the 10 Design Principles

More pre-conference day opportunities

In addition to school visits, a slate of other full day pre-conference workshops are available for the choosing:

  • Challenging, Engaging, and Empowering Studentswith Deeper Instruction led by our Chief Academic Officer Ron Berger, Director of Publications Libby Woodfin, School Designer/PD Specialist Wendy Ruchti and Staff Writer Anne Vilen.
  • Cultivating Courageous Leadership with our conference keynote speaker, Jonathan Poullard, President of The Equity Group, who is an expert in leadership and multicultural education.
  • A “sneak peak” of our K-2 comprehensive literacy curriculum.
  • A humanities or science-focused ”slice” of a EL Education learning expedition. Slices allow participants to “live the learning” by studying a local topic.

Communities of Practice

Want to dig deeply on a topic, learn from, and share perspectives with your fellow educators? Sign up for one of 28 different Communities of Practice that will meet on October 28th and October 29th about topics that center around a guiding question. Example questions include:

  • How does the struggle for educational equity show up in our classrooms and schools, and how can we and our students contribute to a more just world?
  • What are the keys to managing school-wide change effectively?
  • How can my instruction support ELLs?

Inspiring Keynote Speakers

EL Education’s keynote speakers complement the learning experience at the conference. During Opening Session, you’ll hear from Jonathan Poullard, President of The Equity Consulting Group, who for the past 25 years has been specializing in organization and team development, multicultural education, and leadership training. Jonathan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the challenges faced by senior leaders in their work as visionaries, managers, and change agents.

The conference will close with Harborside Academy students in Kenosha, Wisconsin who contribute in significant ways to their community as a core part of their academic work—at every grade level, every year. Harborside Academy students and graduates will share how the ethic of service at their school permeates school culture and is the foundation for learning expeditions that contribute to the city by collaborating with senior citizens, veterans and elementary students.


Space is still available for EL Education’s 2016 National Conference. Registration will remain open until we reach capacity. Note that our special hotel guest room rate of $143/night will end after September 30th. If you have any additional questions, please email Patty Mengel at