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"Learning Forward" Blog on EL Education's Work in Wake County

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    Sarah Norris

In a post for EdWeek's "Learning Forward's PD Watch" series, Frederick Brown celebrates the Wake County, North Carolina launch and implementation of the EL Education Language Arts Curriculum. 

Brown describes in detail the strategic planning process that led to adoption, the "go slow to go fast" approach in introduction that will sound familiar to all those who have worked with us, and the ongoing, thoughtful school-based support for teachers.

"Wake County's educators recognize that an excellent curriculum provides a foundation to quality lessons in all classrooms. At the same time, they understand that implementing new curriculum is challenging. While professional development can support many initiatives, nothing was more important in this case than investing resources for professional learning for the successful implementation of the curriculum."

We know it is possible to make big changes in a way that includes and honors teachers at every stage, and we're delighted to see this approach elucidated so clearly. 

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