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Kathleen Schwille Named Chief Curriculum Services Officer

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    April Hattori

New York -- October 16, 2017 -- EL Education, a leading K-12 non-profit organization, has named Kathleen Schwille as Chief Curriculum Services Officer, a newly created position that reflects the nonprofit’s growing prominence in providing high quality, open source literacy curricula. The EL Education curriculum has been downloaded more than 8.7 million times and is in use in more than 600 school districts in 44 states. 

In her role, Schwille leads a team responsible for curriculum development, production, partnerships, and professional learning supporting the organization’s literacy-focused school and district partnerships.  

“Kathleen brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in curriculum, professional development, and implementation, just as EL Education is scaling up in all of these areas. By combining our highly-rated curriculum, pedagogical vision, and coaching support, we can accelerate more teachers being equipped to provide an education that all students deserve — one that is both engaging and challenging,” said Scott Hartl, President and CEO of EL Education.

Schwille served previously as Vice President of Education for National Geographic, where she oversaw the Explorer classroom magazine, the national Geography Bee, educational grants, and managed relationships with 54 university-based organizations that implement National Geographic educational programs. Prior to that role, Schwille held other senior positions at National Geographic. 

Schwille joins EL Education as it continues to serve districts across the country with its K-8 curriculum: a comprehensive, standards-based core literacy program that engages teachers and students through compelling, real-world content. The curriculum has received the highest marks from independent curriculum review organizations, Achieve’s EQuIP, and New York, Connecticut, and Washington states.  

“I am passionate about strengthening the development of teachers through great curriculum and deep professional learning support. I am excited to build on EL Education’s remarkable success in providing teachers with a highly-rated open source curriculum based on its unique education model, one that emphasizes character and high quality work in addition to the mastery of academic knowledge,” Schwille said. 

About EL Education
EL Education (formerly Expeditionary Learning) creates great public schools where they are needed most, inspiring teachers and students to achieve more than they thought possible.

Created over 25 years ago through the collaboration of the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Outward Bound, EL Education’s research-based approach challenges and empowers teachers and students. The model focuses on ensuring that all students master rigorous content, develop positive character, and produce high-quality work. 
EL Education transforms classrooms in thousands of schools and districts across the country through a unique combination of challenge and joy in learning. Students’ impressive results encompass high academic achievement and college readiness, pride in the mastery of complex, authentic work, and a passion and capacity to contribute to a better world.
EL Education works with all kinds of schools: district and charter, from pre-K through 12th grade, serving populations that reflect the diversity of our country. It creates powerful resources--including its open-access literacy curriculum--provides masterful coaching and professional development, and shares a portfolio of award-winning, educator-developed materials. One reason for its success: its work is informed by decades of learning in its national network of over 150 high-achieving public schools. 

"I am excited to build on EL Education’s remarkable success in providing teachers with a highly-rated open source curriculum based on its unique education model." -- Kathleen Schwille Kathleen Schwille