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ISAAC's Better World Project in the News

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    Sarah Norris

Sixth grade students at theInterdistrict School for Arts and Communication (ISAAC) in New London, Connecticut are looking, listening, and learning deeply as part of a project supported by EL Education's Better World initiative. 

A recent profile in The Day traces the project through the perspectives of two students, Natalie Acosta and Jose Rivera. They are studying immigration and sharing the stories of immigrants in their community. The work involves well-crafted interviews, high-quality photographs, and detailed web pages. 

Victoria, the immigrant from England who was interviewed by Natalie Acosta's group

Joslaire, the immigrant from Haiti who was interviewed by Jose Rivera's group

“The most important thing I learned was to listen to other people,” Acosta said. “Some people just take a look and create judgment. But you should listen. It can change your perspective.”

Read much more from Natalie, Jose, and their teachers, at The Day.