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Hewlett Foundation three-part series: Deeper Learning and the Common Core

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    Alexis Margolin

The Hewlett Foundation has published a three-part series on the relationship between Deeper Learning and the Common Core State Standards. The third piece in the series, written by EL's Ron Berger, focuses on the opportunity for transformational improvement that has revealed itself in the realm of public education. 

"For the first time in many generations, almost every school in America is questioning whether they are teaching the right things, and teaching them in the right way. At my organization, Expeditionary Learning (EL), which is dedicated to building great public schools and teachers, we believe this is a good thing—a rare chance for transformational improvement in public education—and a time of opportunity."

Read the rest of Ron's piece here

You can also read the first piece, written by Hewlett Foundation's Education Program Director, Barbara Chow, and the second, written by two graduates of EL Mentor School Polaris Charter Academy in Chicago.

In her piece, Ms. Chow says, "Expeditionary Learning’s excellent English Language Arts model curricula—selected by New York for all of its schools in grades 3 to 5, is a good example. Chicago’s Polaris Charter Academy is another, offering living proof that the Common Core can spark exuberant and creative teaching and learning in some of the country’s most challenged communities.