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Go Green Report: Genesee Community Charter School

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    Alexis Margolin

For students at EL Mentor School Genesee Community Charter School in Rochester, NY, going green is year-long focus. Alexis Stubbe, a 6th grade teacher at Genesee, has spent this school year working with her students to dive deeper into what it means to go green and live sustainably.

"Kids need to know how to live in a world that looks vastly different than it does now, and what are some things that they can do to turn back the mistakes we have made," emphasizes Stubbe.

Her students have been zeroing in on the food they eat; where does it come from and how is it made?

"This year's class has been focusing on food and what does it mean to eat sustainably, and what does that look like in our city and school," says Stubbe.

Her class just returned from a conference where they learned all about going green at the Green Schools National Conference.

"I learned a lot about integrating green curriculum into the school and I thought that was really important," explains 6th grader Leo Sciortino. "You can't have a green school without teaching the kids about being green."    

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