Reopening: Moving Toward More Equitable Schools
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Glenwood Springs Middle School "Building Culture Around Compassion"

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    Sarah Norris

In Colorado's Roaring Fork school district, the EL Education spirit of "Crew, Not Passengers" is taking root in multiple buildings. 

The most recent addition is Glenwood Springs Middle School, which joins one of its feeder schools in implementing the EL Education model. This initial phase of the school's journey towards achievement through implementation is the subject of a recent article in the Post-Independent.

The article highlights the school's united and compassionate response when a student was injured in a bike accident, as well as commentary from teachers and leaders about the impact of EL Education on their classrooms.


“Since the beginning of my first year here, we have had a lot of discussions around the kind of school we want to be, and we have worked to intentionally build our culture around compassion,” third-year GSMS Principal Joel Hathaway said.

 ”EL Education is such an amazing opportunity for teachers and students,” sixth-grade science teacher Autumn Rivera said. “No longer is school a test, test, test atmosphere, but instead is a place where all types of learning are celebrated.”

“For years before this I’ve always struggled with the fact that very few of our youth get to experience the incredible outdoors that we live in,” [Adventure teacher Rob] Buirgy said. “Taking kids outdoors can authentically build many different skills that help them be more successful and motivated in the classroom.”

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