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GET A JOB: Collaboration is the fuel for excellence

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    Alexis Margolin

Have you ever wondered how the concepts highlighted in EL's "Austin's Butterfly" might be applied to the workplace? Here's an interesting application, featured in a Finger Lakes Times column by Bill Kaminski

Almost every employer claims to be a great place to work. The company handbook says they’re committed to teamwork, respect, engagement and collaboration — but, three months after accepting the job, you find out they don’t walk the talk.   

Companies conduct training sessions to reinforce these values, but surveys tell us we still have a large number of disgruntled employees. Management had good intentions when it put those expectations in the handbook, but something went wrong. It just isn’t working.

Management’s typical response is to send everyone back for more training with the hope that it will stick the second time around. Has this approach worked? After struggling with this problem for decades, I think I have finally found an answer. And believe it or not, I found it a second-grade classroom that uses an innovative educational model created by Expeditionary Learning.

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