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Folders for Everyone!

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    Amanda Neville

We're continuously looking for ways to increase access to high-quality instructional resources and add value in the classroom. Today, we are rolling out a new website feature called Folders.

Folders are a way to save items from the resource library in folders that you create, name and manage. Here are some quick facts about this new feature:

  • Anyone can create a free account and then use folders.
  • You can create as many folders as you wish.
  • You can rename them and add or delete items at any point.
  • You can share folders with other users via email.
  • Shared folders will reflect changes that the folder owner makes over time.
  • Items in a shared folder will be visible based on permission level -- so you if share a folder with premium items with someone who only has public access, they won’t be able to see the premium items.
  • For now, this feature is limited to the Library so you can’t save pages from any other section on the website.

Here's a short demonstration of how to use folders:

Please let us know if you have any feedback or questions.