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Expeditionary Learning launches EL Commons at national conference

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    Ben Smith

EL Commons, the new, secure part of the Expeditionary Learning website, was just launched, and is now open to all EL network schools and staff.

For years, members of our network have been clamoring for better access to EL resources, better planning tools and the ability to discuss and share ideas and practices. In response, we have built EL Commons around three tools:

  • The Library houses documents from across the network in a searchable environment
  • The Student Project Archive contains exemplary and contextualized student work models from within and beyond the network; and
  • The Planner offers a set of revamped planning templates that individuals and groups can use to create standards-based learning expeditions, projects and lessons.

Coming soon, users within and across schools will be able to build their own discussion groups around topics of need and interest.

If you are an EL Network member, come visit this powerful learning environment right away and see what it has to offer.