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Evergreen Student's Anti-Racist Art Published

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    Sarah Norris

Evergreen Community Charter School is an EL Education Credentialed and Mentor School in Asheville, NC.

Adam Lee Aiken 3 Evergreen Community Charter School 1100X915

When a local paper asked kids and teens to address the theme "Let's Fix It" for an upcoming issue, Evergreen Community Charter School third-grader Adam Lee Aiken offered both text and an image on racism in his community. Both were published in the Mountain Xpress' Kids Issue

"There is a pretty big problem in Asheville. It’s racism. Racism is discriminating against someone because of their skin color. Sometimes, people who are racist are called white nationalists. These people usually organize rallies and speeches based on their beliefs that white people should be supreme, and in some places, it is being used! In some prisons, black people have to do extra work. They are also sometimes arrested for no reason. But luckily, there are lots of movements trying to stop this. It will be a challenge because it is very hard to change a person’s opinion." 

Adam is right about the challenge, and we are so heartened that students like him are lending their spirits and intellect to creating a more just world.