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Enterprise Learning Advances Achievement

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    Alexis Margolin

In this District Administration piece, EL Chief Academic Officer Ron Berger discusses enterprise learning and its role in preparing students for college, and for life by providing them with a chance to meaningfully engage with the world around them.

While few districts nationwide are familiar with the term “enterprise learning,” many use PBL and other classroom techniques to achieve goals similar to those of CCEL.

“The overlap for us between enterprise learning and what we do is that we try to connect the learning of kids to the real world right away,” says Ron Berger, chief academic officer of Expeditionary Learning, a 20-year-old program with a network of 165 elementary, middle and high schools.

Expeditionary Learning students work on “case studies,” similar to what students in business or law school produce, Berger says.

For example, seventh graders in a history class in Portland Public Schools in Maine studied newspaper articles and other historical documents, learned reporting techniques from the city’s journalists, and then interviewed nearly two dozen local civil rights activists for a book of oral histories on the Civil Rights Movement across the state in the 1960s.

And kindergarteners in Washington, D.C., 
explored nearby parks and teamed with a local arborist to create a children’s field guide to local trees.

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