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EL President & CEO Scott Hartl Featured in Quartz Story

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    Alexis Margolin

This week, EL President & CEO Scott Hartl was quoted in a article focusing on the rise of more flexible, accessible, and high quality curriculum options, including EL's free, open-source curriculum.

The article explores a growing number of schools moving away from the traditional textbook in search of new options for nimble curricula that serve the evolving needs of students and schools alike.

“We’re going from the dominant paradigm of the publishing industry to a much more nimble, often electronically distributed, more Silicon Valley-like lifting up of content from lots of sources, often from teachers themselves for other teachers and leaders, with new distribution platforms that go directly to users with a much broader base of content developers,” said Scott Hartl, CEO of New York City-based Expeditionary Learning, which developed an English curriculum for EngageNY. “The industry itself is changing.”

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