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Our First Twitterchat to Focus on High Quality Student Work

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    April Hattori

Join us on Twitter at #edchatEL on Thursdays at 7pm EST. Our conversations will get you thinking. All you need to do is show up with your ideas.

Educators can join to discuss current teaching strategies to transform their teaching, learn more about student engagement and deeper learning, and connect with inspiring educators. We will discuss everything from EL Education's core practices to educational equity and social change.

And don’t forget to follow those you meet who have something insightful to say. Building your social network is one of the more powerful ways to use Twitter.  Lurking (aka just watching) is fine too.  But we encourage you to jump into the Q&A.

Note: One of the best ways to follow along is to head over to an app that takes care of adding the hashtag, so you don't have to worry about forgetting it, such as TweetChat, Tchat, or Twubs. Sign in with your Twitter credentials, follow along, and participate.

Our first Twitterchat will focus on High Quality Student Work, the first of two parts.  EL Education’s Wanda McClure, School Designer, and April Hattori, Communications Director, will co-moderate the chat. 

  • Thursday, February 26th
  • 7 pm to 8 pm EST
  • #edchatEL

[Editor’s Note:  Here’s the Storify transcript for  Part 1.]

In the first of our two-part series on High Quality Work, we’ll dig deeply into why student work matters as we look at student achievement through the lens of high quality work. 

What does high quality work look like and why does it matter? Students are often provided with very little support when creating a product resulting from a project. Too often, the products students create are simply “assignments” that students are expected to complete with a high degree of autonomy, often just following a set of directions, and often on their own time outside of school. How can we shift that?

Twitterchat Questions:

  1. What is “high quality work” and what does it mean in your school?
  2. What does complexity really mean? Craftsmanship? Authenticity?
  3. What types of support do you give students in creating high quality work? What concrete teacher practices do you use to support high quality work? 
  4. Can you share specific examples of high quality work by your students? 

Here are some helpful resources to help prepare you for the chat:

Our Twitterchat on Thursday, February 23rd will pick up where Part 1 left off.  We’re excited to host our weekly chats through May 25th. Here’s a schedule of upcoming chats:

  • February 23rd: Part 2: How does high quality work drive learning in your school? 
  • March 2nd:  Why are EL Education’s three dimensions of student achievement important?
  • March 9th: How do you implement and measure character development?

Hope to see you at an upcoming chat!