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EL Education's Ron Berger in KQED Piece on Language and Inclusivity

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    Alexis Margolin

In this KQED Mind/Shift piece, EL Education Chief Academic Officer Ron Berger explores the implications of the language of learning and how it may impact inclusivity. Berger is especially interested in the language used to introduce deeper learning to parents and ways in which that language may be selected more intentionally.


“For them if you use words like makerspaces, project-based learning, different pedagogies, it scares them,” Berger said. “They feel like, ‘don’t experiment with my kids. My kids are already at risk. My kids just need the basic skills. They need to pass those tests. They need to do well in life. Don’t try crazy new ideas with our kids.’ And I empathize with that. I totally understand it.”

That’s why when Berger talks with parents and educators about deeper learning he starts by pointing out the success stories of kids at other Expeditionary Learning schools, serving kids with the same demographics and family backgrounds, who have thrived in this kind of model.

Read the full article, “Why the Language We Use About Learning Determines Inclusivity.”