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EL Education Launches New Book Learning that Lasts

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    Alexis Margolin

NEW YORK - March 28, 2016 -- As schools nationwide strive to equip their students to achieve the higher standards needed for success in college, career and life, EL Education (formerly Expeditionary Learning), has officially launched its new book Learning that Lasts, a practical guide that gives teachers the tools to transform their classrooms and create lessons that challenge, engage, and empower students.


EL Education’s Ron Berger, Libby Woodfin, and Anne Vilen present an accessible new vision for classroom instruction that sharpens and deepens the quality of student learning. Learning that Lasts (published by Jossey-Bass, a Wiley brand) shares what works in some of the nation’s most successful public schools— EL Education schools that are beating the odds to create remarkable achievement—located primarily in urban and rural low-income communities.

“This book is, at its core, about quality teaching and the capacity of all teachers to get better at what they do. Learning That Lasts honors an educator’s creativity and independence while also providing the tools and inspiration needed to grow as a professional,” said Ron Berger, EL Education’s Chief Academic Officer.

A Focus on Three Dimensions of Student Achievement

Learning That Lasts is the latest resource in EL Education’s collection that embraces its three dimensions of student achievement:

  • Mastery of Knolwledge and Skills
  • Character
  • High-Quality Work

”We believe that when students are done with school and enter adult life, they will be judged for the rest of their lives not by their performance on tests of basic skills, but by the quality of their work and the quality of their character. The deeper instructional practices in Learning that Lasts are designed to build students’ skills across all three dimensions of achievement and prepare them for success in and beyond school,” said Scott Hartl, EL Education’s President & CEO.

Learning that Lasts incorporates the real world experience and insights of teachers who implement the EL Education model everyday in their classrooms.

“At first I felt that this was impossible. I wanted my textbook back. Now we are using multiple resources and texts to plan lessons. And the students’ perceptions are transformed...they have new thinking routines,” said Jes Ellis, a teacher at Two Rivers Public Charter School, an EL Education Credentialed School in Washington, D.C.

Actionable Information for the Classroom

Learning that Lasts moves accumulated knowledge from EL Education classrooms where it was developed into the hands of educators across the country. In addition to important context, the book includes case studies, 26 companion videos, and examples of powerful learning at all grade levels and in all disciplines. Also, a rich appendix provides additional resources, including sample protocol-based lessons, a primary source close reading guide, and a section on factors to guide selection of text. Practical information that teachers can implement in their classrooms includes:

  • Planning and delivering lessons that challenge, engage and empower
  • Laying the foundation for deeper learning with literacy
  • Creating scientists and historians
  • Reimagining mathematics instruction
  • Teaching in and through the arts
  • Differentiating instruction
A Unique Book that Respects Teachers
Jal Mehta, Associate Professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, wrote the foreword of Learning that Lasts, noting “this book is different. It treats the reader with respect - it firmly acknowledges that the discretion and wisdom of the teacher are central in bringing any lesson to life. But, at the same time, it offers many concrete examples, in different disciplines for different ages, of how to create lessons that both connect to standards and connect to students.”

Linda Darling-Hammond, Charles E. Ducommun Professor of Education Emeritus, Stanford University and President of the Learning Policy Institute, commented: “If we are to prepare all students for the deeper learning required for college, career and life readiness, there is nothing more important than cultivating great teaching. This book provides a clear vision for teachers of what deeper instruction actually looks like. It is a guide to creating classrooms where students think and work passionately and analytically—classrooms that are more challenging, meaningful and effective.”