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EL Education Featured in MichiganFuture

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    Sarah Norris

"A 21st Century Education--Technology Not Required" celebrates EL's model of deeper instruction.

In this blog post on what “21st Century Education” actually looks like, Patrick Cooney cites Paul Tough’s research into EL Education schools as part of his argument that such an education doesn’t simply mean the inclusion of technology for its own sake.

“On the contrary, students don’t require computers to engage in any of the 6 Cs listed above {Collaboration, Communication, Content, Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Confidence]. In his book Helping Children Succeed, author Paul Tough provides a great description of what a 21st century education looks like through his description of Expeditionary Learning (EL) schools. EL schools are built around a project-based learning model, in which students work in groups on relevant and rigorous long-term projects, and present the final results of their project to authentic audiences. This model encourages students to collaborate and communicate, to think critically and create novel solutions to problems, and to actively learn content and stretch outside their comfort zones. This is an educational model tailor-made for developing the 6 Cs, yet doesn’t require the latest technology.”

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