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EL Curriculum: What Educators Are Saying

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    Selina Andersson


  • Downloaded more than 3.2 million times
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  • Draws on 20 years of experience across EL’s 160 schools
  • Connects students to real world issues, preparing them for college, career, and life
  • Highest ratings nationally and at the state level
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Watch eighth graders as they read closely, evaluate evidence, and debate claims about To Kill A Mockingbird before writing a summative essay.


“I see evidence of all the best education pedagogy I have read in my professional journals and books. It is evident that multiple teachers/education professionals have worked together to ensure best teaching practices are in every lesson.”
-- Karen Kondrick, 6th grade teacher, Ripley Central School, Ripley, NY

“What I like about the ELA curriculum is that we are teaching the kids how to think again and get the answers using common sense and supporting their thoughts with evidence. I’m teaching my own students to never take things at face value; ask questions, know your sources, and get backup evidence.”
-- Jill Malone, 6th, 7th, & 8th grade special education teacher, I.S 98, New York City, NY

“My students are stepping it up and showing some unexpected successes. I see the light bulbs go on and I see a lot of growth in their comprehension, in their vocabulary, and in their confidence.”
-- Nicole Papa, special education teacher, East Moriches Elementary School, East Moriches, NY

“While school is challenging, the students recognize how far they have come and how much more they can do now. While in the past, my classroom time was often spent trying to keep students on task, I now feel that I have done more teaching than I had in my previous six years.”
-- Joshua Cornue, 4th grade teacher, Roberto Clemente #8, Rochester, NY