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Education Dive reports on EL Education's positive impact on teacher practice

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    Sarah Norris

The big news is: it's working.

EL Education developed the Teacher Potential Project (TPP) to address the growing need to prepare teachers and support student learning through curriculum and embedded professional development. Mathematica Policy Research is conducting an independent, randomized controlled trial evaluation of the TPP to understand its effect on teachers’ instructional practices and student achievement. The U.S. Department of Education is funding the project with a five-year Investing in Innovation (i3) grant. We now have the first set of results on the effects on teacher practice, and they've been written up in an Education Dive article.

The TPP features interdisciplinary, content-based English/language arts curriculum alongside engaging professional learning supports for teachers that include (1) five institutes throughout the year; (2) ongoing, personalized, on-site coaching; and (3) online support. The study itself focuses on novice teachers, who face the dual challenge of becoming effective educators and meeting the CCSS. However, the study’s teacher impact results were similar for both novice and experienced teachers.

Key findings, as noted in Education Dive:

"TPP novice teachers were more likely than those not in the program to lead their students in close readings of text and to provide lessons that built students’ content knowledge. They were also more likely that non-TPP novice teachers to get students to use higher-order thinking skills, such as making inferences, analyzing, synthesizing information, drawing conclusions and evaluating."

These results are a major validation of the TPP's work, and we're so proud to share them!

Read more from Education Dive here, and find Mathematica's report here