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Downtown Denver Expeditionary School Students Create Buzz On Bee Population

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    Alexis Margolin

After a year-long expedition studying insects, kindergarteners at Downtown Denver Expeditionary School have become passionate defenders of their community's declining honeybee population. 

Armed with homemade pins and handwritten letters, given as a pair for a $1 donation, students recently visited a local coffee shop to spread the word and raise funds for their campaign to save the honeybees. 

"Teacher Jillian Williams said thus far the students have raised $300. The money will be used to purchase ingredients for seed bombs — including seeds for many native flowers — that will be handed out at the school’s Celebration of Learning program later this month.

“This process will continue into the next school year when the then-kindergarteners start their plant expedition as first graders,” Williams said. “Reflection is a large component of the work that students at DDES do.”

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