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Donate Books at National Conference and Support Detroit Literacy Efforts

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    April Hattori

Honoring our Design Principle of Service and Compassion, the EL Education Crew is proud to host a book drive at our upcoming National Conference in Detroit to benefit students in the city. The books will be donated to Don Bosco Hall, a private non-profit agency in Detroit that provides supportive human services that enhance the quality of life for families in the Metropolitan Detroit-Wayne County community. 

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Kim Newberry, Don Bosco Hall’s Chief Administrator, says that the EL Education book drive will support Don Bosco Hall’s priority to help kids graduate high school. In addition, the book donations are timely because the organization in November will participate in a literacy-focused meeting of local neighborhoods that will include principals from schools, serving 4000 students. 

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“It will be the perfect time and place to share the books,” Newberry said.

So if you’re coming to our National Conference please bring non-fiction or fiction books at the Grades 1 through 8 levels that you can donate in the registration area. Some popular categories include: cars and sports, comics, and high quality pictures books for younger children.

Newberry noted that kids like to see themselves in the books, adding that The Diary of Wimpy Kid and The Drama Years: Real Girls Talk about Surviving Middle School are two popular titles.

Newberry has put in 12-hour days for the past 15 years, improving the lives of students and families in the Detroit area. She is encouraged by the progress in the neighborhoods Don Bosco Hall serves, noting that investments in the community and improved police and community engagement are accelerating positive change.

“We’re working toward a citywide level of youth service programs,” Newberry said, noting that one of her goals is to create a set of standards that new neighborhood programs use to help ensure consistency of services provided to families and children across the city.

A special thanks to Newberry, the Arbor Vitae-WoodruffElementary School Crew, and EL Education’s Midwest Region and National Conference Crews for making this book drive a reality!