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Diving Into Deeper Learning with FFT Fellow, Matt Strand

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    Alexis Margolin

We’re officially in the home-stretch leading up to the final submission date for FFT grant applications. The deadline for your application is January 28th, 2016. We know it’s a busy time of year (it always is!) but we’re here for you as you near the finish line. Whether you’re only just starting your application or ready for the finishing touches, here’s a video that will add plenty of fuel to your fire.

This video is a snapshot of EL Education in action; an educational model that invites teachers as well as students to dive deeply into learning.

Matt Strand, an English teacher at Fort Collins, CO’s Polaris Expeditionary Learning, designed his FFT fellowship to model deeper learning for peers and students. Strand became SCUBA certified in order to research coral reef degradation and conservation efforts and culminated his project as a volunteer coral-transplanter in a one-of-a-kind coral coral nursery in Key Largo, FL.

Since his 2014 fellowship, Matt has stayed passionately engaged in reef preservation and has supported students as they join the learning expedition, which culminates with students getting a chance to get “on the ground” (or under the sea) and actively participating in a service trip to the coral nursery.

Watch this amazing video to learn more about Matt’s work and how his students have grown exponentially as a result of his 2014 fellowship.

Since 2004 EL Education has partnered with Fund for Teachers (FFT), a non-profit organization that enriches the personal and professional growth of teachers by supporting them as the identify and pursue opportunities around the world that make the greatest impact on their practice, students, and school communities. EL Education teachers have earned 488 of those grants, totaling over $1.6 million in funding.