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Create a Classroom Culture Where Students Lead Their Own Learning

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What if students prepared to head back to school the same way their teachers do? They’d start the year assessing their skills and setting ambitious goals for academic growth. They’d play an active role in shaping the learning that would help them master standards and exceed their goals, even in the primary grades. They’d check their own progress toward learning targets throughout the year and change course as needed.

Wondering how to achieve this utopian level of student-led learning? Enter Leaders of Their Own Learning, a set of EL Education resources and professional development, designed by teachers for teachers to help you set up a classroom culture that encourages students to courageously and joyfully lead their own learning, including a brand new book.

Leaders of Their Own Learning: Transforming Schools Through Student-Engaged Assessment. 

This book reimagines assessment as a motivating tool for students to drive their learning.

In many schools students see assessment as something done to them, rather than with them. Yet no educational achievement is possible without students’ buy-in. Leaders of Their Own Learning changes the paradigm so that students take ownership for learning, assessing, and presenting.

Leaders of Their Own Learning PD Pack

Choose your own adventure with this sequenced and self-guided collection of professional development resources. 

Leaders of Their Own Learning Video Collection

Seeing is believing! Discover videos from diverse classrooms across the country where children from kindergarten to high school are modeling student-engaged assessment, including student-led conferences and unpacking learning targets. Educators and leaders model practical tools for empowering students to lead.

Leaders of Their Own Learning Companion: New Tools and Tips for Tackling the Common Challenges of Student-Engagement

This brand new book builds on the “why” presented in the original book to show you “how” to do student-engaged assessment. It’s full of practical tools, strategies, and examples for checking for understanding, using data with students, and standards-based grading among other topics.

You can preorder the forthcoming book today.