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Conway Elementary's Better World Project in the San Diego Union-Tribune

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    Sarah Norris

Conway Elementary School in Escondido, CA is one of eighteen EL Education schools selected to receive funding, mentorship and documentation of their journeys and impact this year through the Better World Project

Their funded project, "Protecting and Serving Our Local Watershed," is deeply impact-oriented:

Fourth grade students will explore the human impact on the fragile watershed in their community while finding solutions to the problems of this ecosystem. With the assistance of scientists, professionals, and community members, they will learn what it takes to become an E.P.I.C. (Excellence, Perseverance, Integrity and Compassion) super steward.

A recent article in the San Diego Union-Tribune profiles Conway, the project, and the school's journey with EL Education. 

Some of the perspectives on that journey featured in the article may feel familiar:

Teacher Lana Brady: 

"Students are excited about something and actually feel like they have a voice. It’s giving them real-world skills — talking to adults."

EL Education School Designer Adam Krusi-Thom: 

“My job is to help teachers do these things, and bring the community in. That’s what the Better World Project gives to the community — the kids get a sense of something greater than themselves.”

Principal Christina Meglich: 

The school has hit its educational targets two years running, and the fifth-graders “pretty much doubled their scores in math and language arts." Behavioral problems have fallen significantly: “Suspensions went from 18 to four last year. That character piece is essential to what they’re doing.” Parental engagement has also increased. A recent event had a 90 percent parental attendance rate — far above previous norms. “Students are communicating the importance of them (parents) coming” and understanding what is going on at the school. 

We're so proud to have Conway Elementary School as a partner, and we congratulate them on this local recognition of the work they are doing.

Read more in the San Diego Union-Tribune.