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Congratulations to Amy Bailey, Recipient of the 2018 Brooks Thomas Exemplary Service Award

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    EL Education

Amy Bailey, EL Education’s Senior Director of Curriculum Implementation, has been recognized as the 2018 Brooks Thomas Exemplary Service Award winner!

EL Education recognizes Amy’s crew spirit, high-quality work, and highly collaborative nature. Her nominees describe her as “second-to-none,” an “animating force” with a “crew collaboration that is best described as fierce”—and the very embodiment of what the Brooks Thomas Exemplary Service Award seeks to honor.

Our organization simply would not have grown in the way it has, nor would it be the organization it is now, were it not for Amy Bailey as a key member of our crew.

The award was established in 2010 by the EL Education Board of Directors to annually honor a staff member who exemplifies the qualities and character of our founders and illustrate our commitment to serve as “Crew, not passengers.” A committee of peers select each year’s honoree based on nominations that highlight the work habits and character of candidates.

Some of the highlights from Amy’s nomination letters:

  • On excellence:
  • Amy brings quality to her support for our teams and quality to her partners. . . . Their expressions of enthusiasm for her partnership were overflowing.
  • On collaboration:
  • When you need Amy in your corner, she is here without question, without any sense of indebtedness.
  • On leadership:
  • Amy has been the bedrock and animating force of an entire line of our work . . . a leader who pushes . . . us with consistent and loving pressure for the common good of the organization.

Over the past six years, Amy has held several titles and has been part of multiple teams within the organization. Her previous efforts included acting as Lead PD specialist in New York State—a role in which she developed foundational practices for this now-essential part of EL Education’s offerings—and, later, National Director of Professional Services, working to ensure that the organization’s portfolio of services matched the needs of schools across the country. She currently oversees a team of curriculum specialists who strive to support curriculum implementation across all types of EL Education partnerships.

Congratulations to Amy Bailey, a dedicated and respected member of the EL Education crew, who helps to ensure that, every day, we work to become better and better versions of ourselves. •