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Colorado's William Smith High School: A School of Opportunity

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    Alexis Margolin

William Smith High School in Aurora, Colorado is among 20 schools designated as a 2015-2016 School of Opportunity. Started as a pilot in 2014, the School of Opportunity program assess:

  • How well schools provide health and psychological support for students.
  • Judicious and fair discipline policies.
  • High-quality teacher mentoring programs.
  • Outreach to the community.
  • Effective student and faculty support systems.
  • Broad and enriched curriculum.
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"William Smith High School serves a diverse group of students who seek a personalized education, grounded in deep exploration of academic content through project-based learning, local community connections, travel, and service experiences. 

Located in Aurora, Colorado, which is immediately east of Denver, William Smith’s approach is strong collaboration among administrators, staff and students, plus investment in a school community marked by shared values and a desire to do meaningful, relevant work. 

Teachers are considered valuable professionals, and the school commits resources to their professional growth and leadership. Teachers spend Friday afternoons collaborating and developing the projects that drive student learning."

Learn more about William Smith High School and how they earned their designation as a School of Opportunity in this Washington Post column.