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Codman Academy Delivers Messages to the White House

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    Sarah Norris

Faced with feelings of anger and sadness after the President reportedly made insulting comments about Haiti as a country and Africa as a continent, the Codman Academy community took action. 

"[The words] echoed throughout our news stations, households and public spaces,” said Pamela Casna, K1-8 principal at Codman Academy.

“In a staff meeting, we discussed ways to respond positively and spread messages of love, kindness and inclusion throughout our country. We thought the first place to start would be in the most iconic places we have, the White House. We shared our plans with families, invited them to join and then gave the students the time and space to write messages to President Trump.”


Photo by Thabiti Brown

All together, 125 messages were mailed: postcards from younger students, and handwritten letters from students in grades 5-8. 

“The damage of hearing messages of hate about all that makes you you can only be voided with consistent, loud and clear messages of love about all that makes you you,” says Casna. 

We’re so proud to partner with a school that takes student agency and community power seriously. May their messages be heard.


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