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Celebrating the Class Of 2018 Marching Toward College Acceptance

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    Kat Klopp

2,400 high school seniors from 26 schools in 11 cities marched to their local post offices to submit college applications as their communities cheered them on, sending an inspiring message to young people everywhere that college is attainable for all.

It’s December, which means it’s time for the Annual #CollegeMarch, celebrating thousands of seniors across the US making strides in their journeys of scholarship and citizenship. This year’s march brought communities together like never before, thanks to the leadership of NYC Outward Bound Schools, who founded the March. Everyone from kindergarteners to city council members came out to show their support. 

We’re proud of our seniors who marched this year, culminating in a mass drop-off of college applications at local post offices, mail trucks, and even City Hall! They sent an inspiring message that their academic achievements are victories for their entire communities. 

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