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Celebrating a New Tradition: The College March

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    Sarah Norris

EL Education is proud to announce our latest video, and one focused on what is becoming a cherished and meaningful tradition across our network: the "college march." 

Originally celebrated at Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School (one of 11 NYC Outward Bound Schools built on the EL Education model), these marches wherein high school seniors ceremonially mail their college or other post-secondary applications are now part of the rhythm of the year at schools across the country. In this video, we hear from Harborside students in Kenosha, WI about what the ritual means to them--not just as individuals, but as a crew: ”You feel good about the other students doing it too, because you want them to be proud too.”

This video is narrated by Taylor McKinney, a seventh-grade student at Polaris Charter Academy in Chicago, IL.