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Casco Bay High School Students Get Out of the Classroom, Into the Field

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    Alexis Margolin

Casco Bay High School
students and Principal Derek Pierce were recently featured in a piece on eSchool News focusing on how learning expeditions get kids out of the classroom and into the real world.

Known throughout the EL Network for their post-Sandy learning expedition that culminated with a visit to interview and film students from the Channel View School for Reserach community in Queens, NY, Casco Bay students are no strangers to learning expeditions that connect them to their own community, as well as to peers around the country.

“Field trips have a passive connotation, like observing something like a tourist,” said Derek Pierce, the school’s principal. These students, however, were actually engaging in active fieldwork, he said, as part of a weeks-long project on climate change.

Read the full piece here.