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Capital City Public Charter School Featured In Alliance For Excellent Education Deeper Learning Story

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    Katie Park

Capital City Public Charter School in Washington D.C. has been with EL Education since their opening in 2000. The school continues to use expeditions to engage students in academic material and to stimulate deeper learning. Both the teachers and students discussed the impact of the expeditions with the Alliance for Excellent Education.

“Capital City has incorporated the EL Education model into its instructional approach since the school opened its doors in 2000. Today, the school serves nearly 1,000 students in preschool through twelfth grade, 72 percent of whom are from low-income families and 93 percent of whom are students of color. Each class pursues two expeditions a year on topics ranging from bees to Native Americans in the elementary school to biodiversity and food justice in the middle and high school. Then, during their senior year, students choose an individual topic and create a unique expedition of their own. All students share the results of their extended projects with classmates, family members, and the community during a schoolwide showcase, known as the Celebration of Learning, twice a year.”

“The richness of the model comes from students studying topics in depth,” explains Karen Dresden, Capital City’s head of school. “They are reading and writing and learning skills to meet the state-level standards, but they also go on field work and meet with experts and engage in projects that apply the skills they are learning. … Every kid in our program participates in this type of learning, whether they have a severe disability or they are an English language learner. … In many ways, some of the most powerful experiences have been for students who traditionally would have been least likely to have this type of education.”

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