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Calling for your best practice ideas

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    Ben Smith

As part of our effort to use our website in ever more powerful ways, Expeditionary Learning has developing a vision to turn this blog into a vibrant, active online space where educators regularly check for new ideas and strategies they can put into action right away. Where provocative questions inspire spirited dialogue. And where the outside world can get the ground-level view of what is working in EL classrooms.

best practice ideas

Please help! Write for the Best Practices blog. Take a look at the dates and themes below and volunteer to highlight a best practice from one of your schools. Tap the best teachers in your schools to write. Give them the list below and work with them to create posts that will engage and inspire teachers across the EL network. Gather. Be on the lookout for resources and artifacts that might help those themes come to life. Do you know of video or photos that might illustrate the Core Practice? Send everything to Todd Felton, who will be managing the blog space as an editor and happy to help with all stages of the process.

To get you thinking, here are some possible blog post types with examples

  • Profiles of people, schools, expeditions
  • News summaries
  • Advice column
  • FAQ’s
  • Lists
  • Definitions
  • Surveys and results

We are looking forward to working with you to create a blog that is worthy of the work you do.

  • October: Core Practice 23 – Engaging Families and the Community in the Life of the School Posting Deadline: October 28
  • November: Core Practice 31 – Creating the Foundation for Data-Drive Leadership Posting Deadline: November 14
Stay tuned to this space for exciting new posts on engaging families in the daily life of the school and generating community support for your schools.