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Building a Better World One School District at a Time

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If you visit the Michigan City Area School District on May 7, 2021, you won’t find adults directing learning from a lectern. Instead, you’ll see student councils taking the lead as they put their academic learning to the test in service of their community for Better World Day.

“After so much time spent learning online this school year, Better World Day in Michigan City represents hope for authentic engagement with learning and impact in the community for ALL students,” said Cathy Bildhauser Curriculum Director, K-12, Michigan City Area Schools.

Michigan City, an EL Education curriculum partner, is participating in Better World Day as a collective. From Kindergarten through 8th grade, students are making connections to their learning and leading projects from supporting communities who are experiencing homelessness to providing healthy food choices for community members. Planning for Better World Day has engaged students in problem-solving and identifying meaningful ways to contribute to their community as an extension of learning from the EL Education curriculum.

“For Better World Day we are going to use what we learned in module 1 to write poetry to give to the homeless shelters. We will also be collecting hygiene items to donate to the shelters in our city. This is also helping us learn that no matter who anybody is, we need to show them compassion, treat them kindly, and not judge a book by its cover,” said Lennon, 4th Grade student at Edgewood Elementary.

Through Better World Day, Michigan City is committing to opening access to student leadership and connection to the community. In providing this access, the district’s work serves as an important model for prioritizing what matters most: providing relevant, challenging, and meaningful learning through projects that invite student voice and agency.

“I will put my learning to use by being an active citizen. My peers and I believe that we can do this by helping to improve our community.

Ivan , 4th Grade student at Edgewood Elementary.

“I am truly amazed by the energy and ideas students are generating during the planning phase as they meet in grade-level student councils across our school district. They are dedicated to making the world a better place for everyone,” said Cathy Bildhauser Curriculum Director, K-12, Michigan City Area Schools.

Michigan City joins EL Education schools from across the country that are participating in Better World Day. It’s a day where the world gets to experience school the way EL Education students do every day: as a place where learning is the key to changing the world. Interested in participating in Better World Day? Join schools across the country on May 7th, 2021.