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Bose Students Go to the Learn

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    Sarah Norris

Hopefully before they ever need to spend much time in one, first graders at Bose Elementary School in Kenosha, Wisconsin get to encounter a hospital through a learning lens.  Their experience was the subject of a recent write-up in Kenosha News. 

Aurora Medical Center offers a "mini-medics" program in which students spend a few hours interacting with volunteers as they learn about wheelchairs, therapy dogs, the dangers of smoking, and the secret lives of germs. “(The program) provides concrete examples of how the body works, how the hospital works and to spark conversations with families about eating right and doing exercise and smoking cessation,” noted Laurie Couillard, manager of volunteer wellness services at Aurora. “It’s also a wonderful way for kids to see the hospital as a less fearful place."

Bose Girls

Photo by Kevin Poirier

Bose first grade teacher Joan Kates knows students learn best when they have a purpose for learning and get to engage with real material--real therapy dogs, real blacklights to see germs, real medical equipment, and real medical professionals. Kids care about their learning when they see how it fits into their lives; as Kates notes, the hospital visit “helps with career readiness and how students can be helpful to their families.”

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