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Amana Academy Featured on Georgia Public Broadcasting

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    Sarah Norris

Amana Academy is a K-8 EL Education network school in Alpharetta, GA.

In a guest blog post for Georgia Public Broadcasting’s “Education Matters” series, Amana Academy’s STEM Coordinator Angelique Barnett describes how the school’s program reveals possibilities to students that they might not otherwise encounter.

“In one STEM class at Amana, a student may code a game to teach someone about biofuels while in another class students might use power tools to build a structure for the learning garden. Students have the opportunity to learn about different technology while making connections to their English, social studies, science and mathematics grade level standards. Students learn to use ingenuity to improve upon old ideas or create entirely new inventions. Amana students tackle local and global issues and learn that they are problem solvers.”

She goes into some detail about what made a project impactful:

During work on the model water tower project, students selected their own teammates and decided on a captain. This person was responsible for helping to manage the project and fill out needed documentation. There was a limited timeline for the project during which teams had to find materials, design, build and test their solutions. Students were encouraged to reuse old material for their towers and a penalty was assigned for any purchased items. During the building process, students learned the proper way of using hand and power tools and had to determine whether they would use nails, glue or other products to seal their towers. After projects were completed, water professionals tested each group’s tower and gave a limited time for groups to correct leakage and other minor issues. Each team was interviewed and had the opportunity to explain their strategy and showcase their learning. Final products were judged on the structure, hydraulic efficiency, and beauty of the towers. 

Education Matters also featured Amana in a “School Spotlight” segment. 

We’re proud to be partners with a school that’s so committed to every student getting a great STEM education, and doing work that matters to the world. Congratulations to Amana on this local attention to your powerful work!