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A Day in the Life of Gwyneth Hagan

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Gwyneth Hagan is our Program Integrational Specialist and has been with EL for over 5 years. She is one of our many employees who successfully works from her home office. Read more about Gwyneth’s EL experience below!

Why did you join EL?
As a teacher, experiencing my first EL Education professional development was life changing. Becoming an EL teacher ignited me with passion and purpose. This is why I became a teacher—to empower young people to learn about and change the world around them! When it was suggested that I could bring this experience to other teachers as an EL coach, I was ignited once again. Working for EL has given me the opportunity to impact both teachers and students across the country through a powerful mission: to help teachers fulfill their highest aspirations, and students achieve more than they think possible!
What is the main focus of your job?
My current position with EL Education is to support the integration of our programmatic resources and supports across our organization. This means I help to create resources for work with our partners and providing training for our staff working in the field.

What does a day of doing your job consists of?
My day typically consists of work on multiple internal projects; from creating resources, to support curriculum design with our partners, to supporting new field staff in a community of practice. I also help to coordinate supports for staff across teams and regions. Because we’re a national nonprofit, understanding how to manage communications and collaboration virtually is critical. In my position, I collaborate online through shared documents and video calls most of the time. However, not everything can be done virtually. Several times throughout the year, I travel to deliver professional development for our partners or staff across the country in person. This combination of virtual and in-person collaboration keeps me learning and growing as a professional.

What part(s) of your job do you find most gratifying?
Supporting and empowering others in their learning is the best part of my job.

If you could describe what it is like to work for EL, what would you say?
Working for EL is a calling. Those who work for our organization are drawn to our mission, our passion, and our incredible people. EL draws a lot of its culture from its roots with Outward Bound. The ethos of Crew permeates our culture. Working for EL will push you to grow as a professional in a supportive environment with a laser focus on our incredible mission.