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A Day in the Life of Erin Vaughn

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Erin Vaughn is one of our School Designers from the eastern region and spends most of her time working with schools. She has been with EL for over 3 years. Read more about Erin’s EL experience below!

Why did you join EL?
I became an educator because I believe that educational equity is a civil right that is often far from the reality that many students experience. When I was first introduced to EL through the curriculum modules, I was completely blown away—THIS is what compelling, joyful, rigorous instruction looks like, I thought; THIS is what all students need! I immediately knew that I wanted to be part of EL in order to support the mission of achievement, character, and high-quality work for all.

What is the main focus of your job?
Partnering with school leaders and teachers to implement aspects of the EL model and improve student outcomes.

What does a day of doing your job consists of?
When I’m in schools, I meet with school leaders to look at data, discuss teacher and student needs, visit classrooms, and provide professional development and facilitate planning. When I’m working from home, I’m following up with school leaders and teachers regarding recent visits, communicating with them about upcoming visits, and crafting resources and agendas to support upcoming service days. Work-from-home days are also opportunities to work on internal projects, like revising professional development institutes.

What part(s) of your job do you find most gratifying?
When teachers and leaders have new insight into how to improve their practices, and we talk through how to implement it impact kids, I feel most connected to my job.

If you could describe what it is like to work for EL, what would you say?
Aspirational, reflective, mission-driven, nice.