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A Day in the Life of Cameron Browne

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Cameron Browne is our Regional Director for the Michigan/Ohio region and spends most of his EL time working with schools and districts. He has been with EL for less than 2 years. Read more about Cameron’s EL experience below!

Why did you join EL?
I joined EL because I saw wisdom in looking at achievement from a three-dimensional lens and appreciated the concept and integration of Crew.

What is the main focus of your job?
To support our staff and partners in achieving more than they thought was possible. This means supporting School Designers and helping partners implement the EL Model.

What does a day of doing your job consists of?
Every day is a little different. One day, I’m in schools conducting professional development or strategic planning with school or district leadership. Another day, I might be with a School Designer conducting a learning walk with school staff. And then there are days where I work from my home office and talk with EL staff and partners about where we are in our shared journey, where we want to be, and how to create plans and strategies on how to get us closer to our goals. It’s a collective effort that takes many different shapes and forms depending upon the task at hand.

What part(s) of your job do you find most gratifying?
In one word: impact. I love seeing EL work in real time.
If you could describe what it is like to work for EL, what would you say?
Challenging, rewarding, purposeful, and diverse (as relates to the work).