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"25 Years, One Million Kids": EL Education Featured on The 74

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    Sarah Norris

A detailed profile of EL Education--covering our roots, 25-year journey, and current work in schools like Two Rivers Public Charter School--is up on The 74.

Quotes from students, teachers, Ron Berger, and Scott Hartl abound. One that concisely and precisely encapsulates so much about our work came from Two Rivers eighth-grade teacher Mo Thomas (in photo above), on how EL Education practices generate student engagement and high quality work:

“Because it’s authentic, they understand why,” she said. “That’s important, for middle schoolers to understand the reason why they’re doing something.”

For middle schoolers, and for all students, and for teachers too! Everything we've managed to do in the last 25 years has been because of, and in partnership with, remarkable educators like Mo, with a shared sense of what matters. This profile honors them as much as us, and we're so proud to share it.

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Read the article here.