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2012 Expeditionary Learning National Conference

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    Ben Smith

2012 Expeditionary Learning National Conference                           

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Denver CO; May 3-5, 2012

Pre Conference Day:  May 2, 2012

Sheraton- Denver Downtown

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Citizen Scholars: Getting Smart to Do Good

Expeditionary Learning schools aspire to develop educated, engaged students who graduate confident that they can achieve far beyond what they thought possible. In EL schools, students “get smart to do good.”  They grow as scholars, engaging in academically rigorous learning experiences that make content, skills and standards come alive.  They grow as citizens, using their knowledge, skills and character to address community issues and do work that meets professional standards.  And, they grow as leaders, persisting until they meet high standards of quality, taking responsibility for their own learning and making a difference in their communities.  EL schools create “Citizen Scholars,” students who not only achieve academically, but also develop character and skills in problem solving, critical thinking, persistence and collaboration needed to succeed and tackle real world challenges.

Our conference master classes will address the broad challenge of preparing students to be Citizen Scholars. This includes specific structures and strategies that enable our students to apply their learning to make positive contributions their school community, neighborhood and the world. It also includes the structures and strategies used in EL schools that build the foundation for Citizen Scholarship – the student-engaged curricular, instructional and assessment practices that build student motivation and ownership of their learning, that inspire students to work hard and treat others well, and that put our students on a mission toward college and toward contribution to a better world.


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Hotel Information:

The Sheraton- Downtown Denver 1550 Court Place Denver CO has offered reduced rates to our conference participants.  Cut off date to receive these rates is March 30, 2012. 

  • Single and Doubles: $139.00 per night

Call the Sheraton at 303- 893-3333 to make reservations. Indicate you are with Expeditionary Learning.