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Team Better World

In just two short years Better World Day has made a big impact, supporting the creation and presentation of hundreds of influential projects nationwide, and opening doors for thousands of students to actively contribute to a better world.

Next up? Strengthening connections between participating students, teachers, schools, and districts to leverage our collective power. Beginning in 2020, EL Education is sponsoring Team Better World, an initiative focused on supporting collaboration and building relationships between EL Education schools and partners nationwide. Sign up to participate today!


Join a Team

All interested EL Education schools self-select one of four categories that best connects to their Better World Day plan. Each team’s topics are broad and meant to inspire action, draw on past success stories, and provide the opportunity for partnership in preparation for the big day. Many schools have different projects in different grades so we ask each school to use their best judgment in choosing the most appropriate category. Need help making a choice? Let us know in the sign-up form and our team will happily support.

Literacy For All Team


Projects include students building little libraries for their community, students creating a “book walk” to highlight local authors in a local park, older students mentoring younger kids to build literacy skills and a love of reading.

Hunger, Housing, Homelessness Team


Projects include students building a tiny house their community, students creating toiletry bags for their local shelter, students working with people experiencing homelessness to build community and connection.

Environmental Stewardship Team


Projects include students rallying to raise awareness about climate change, students leading a local river clean up, and students renewing urban spaces by planting gardens.

Building Inclusive, Equitable Communities Team


Projects include students leading a district-wide “Say Hello” campaign, students leading a school-wide crew initiative to raise LGBTQIA awareness, and students working to support local veterans by recording their stories.


Team Captains

Each team is led by Kid Captains from selected schools model what student-led planning and implementation look like on Better World Day.

Kindergartners from Joe Shoemaker School in Denver, CO


7th and 8th graders from Launch in Brooklyn, NY


5th graders from Conway Elementary School in Escondido, CA


1st through 5th graders from Frank Elementary in Kenosha, WI


Klingenstein Teaching Award Distinguished Coaches

Each team receives special coaching from an expert teacher in the field. These coaches share their own experiences and help guide schools during monthly meetings. Monthly meetings are optional and include resources on topics ranging from engaging community partners to finding an authentic activity on the big day. 

  • Whitney Gaskill, Silverton School
  • Mandy Locke, Four Rivers 
  • Sara Boeck Batista, Leaders
  • Abigail Sewall, MELS
  • Jean Hurst, Genesee Community Charter School
  • Leah Plath, Four Rivers Public Charter School
  • Chris Dolgos, Genesee Community Charter School 
  • Geoff Schutte, Tapestry Charter School