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Better World Day FAQ

Who is eligible to sign up and when does the sign up close?

Any school in active partnership with EL Education is eligible to participate in Better World Day. Our support funds and swag are first come, first served. We will award participating schools until our funds run out OR until March 1, 2021 which is the last day schools can sign up to participate.

What does a school participating in Better World Day receive?

  • One newly designed Better World Day banner
  • One $300 digital gift card to support BWD activities at their school.
  • Direct support with media, communications, and PR
  • Access to a shared Google Folder with Better World Day plans, and contact information for participating schools to spark collaboration
  • Increased opportunities for video, blog, and social media highlights

How does my school sign up?

Step One: Check with other people within your school to make sure you coordinate all your plans in one application. Each school is eligible for one banner and gift card.

Step Two: Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Brief description of your school’s BWD plan (can include multiple plans from multiple grades)
  • Contact information for the person (one adult) managing financial exchange (should be in the school’s business office)
  • Contact information for the school liaison (one adult) leading BWD work and tracking plans/ stories in your school (teacher, coach, principal)
  • Name and grade of two designated Kid Captains (two students) who will be the BWD spirit leaders in your school community
  • Optional: Information for Media Grant (see below)

Step Three: If your school is applying for a Media Grant (details below), have your information ready.

EL Education is sponsoring Better World Day Media Grants. These three (3) $2,000 Better World Day Media Grants will offer selected schools the opportunity to work directly with the EL Education media shop to create original, high quality Better World Day media that will be featured and celebrated at National Conference 2021.

Schools will be selected by EL Education’s Student Advisory Council. We understand schools may not have complete clarity on the form their media will take at the time they apply. We also know that ideas may change during the consultation or creation phase and encourage schools to focus on the purpose and audience first. Here are a few forms to help with initial ideas:

  • Podcast series
  • Music video
  • Video documentary about a student project
  • Video art piece about social change

The application includes:

  • (required) Preliminary proposal: What issues are important to your school community, and how could they be addressed through media, art and/or storytelling? What kind of impact do you hope your project would make on your community?
  • (optional) request: Show us your strengths: link any examples of student work at your school or student media that demonstrate past successes AND/OR tell us about teachers, students, families, coaches who are a clear asset to your efforts.

Selected schools receive $2,000 which can be used to support your collaborative media making (supplies, equipment, software, rentals, guest artist fees, donations to another organization, etc.) and 10-15 hours per school in direct support that includes:

  • consulting on concept, format, and key messages
  • guidance on equipment and tech needs
  • troubleshooting throughout
  • critique. and feedback

Step Four: Click this link to sign up!

What if we are not 100% sure what our school will do for Better World Day?

Sign up! Slots for participating schools are limited and work on a first come, first-served basis so don’t delay. Sign up with your best idea and if the details change (as they so often do!), there will be plenty of opportunities to let us know.

Do you have examples of projects are schools planning this year as they transition from virtual to in-person learning?

So far this year schools are planning a range of activities including:

  • Documenting how students contributed to a better world during remote learning. Each crew creates their own short video to be added to a school wide compilation and shown on Better World Day (virtual).
  • Raising funds for those in need. A school wide fund drive to raise money for a local shelter and elderlycare center (virtual).
  • Organizing a socially distant (outside and observing safety guidelines) celebration of learning that showcases products from the whole school year (in-person).

Does it matter if my school is remote, hybrid, or in person?

Better World Day can happen in your school community no matter the setting. We are ready to support your planning and implementation and look forward to adding to our ideas as we go!

Who can attend the Opening and Closing Circles on Better World Day and how do I RSVP?

Each of these short events will be accessible via Zoom for members of participating schools. The invite and opportunity to RSVP will be available to your school liaison. Better World Day Opening and Closing Circle will also be live streamed via Facebook.